Nearly £7,000 raised in vegan fundraiser to Black Lives Matter UK and other black charities

Nearly £7000 has been raised as part of a fundraiser supported by vegan businesses.

The Just Giving page was set up by Instagram user Veegboi last week with an original target of £1,000 but has now reached over £6,500.

Protests have been seen across the globe following the death of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer. This has included people taking to the streets across the UK, with support growing for Black Lives Matter.

Vegan companies, such as Purezza and Leon restaurant have given prizes, with a raffle taking place on Monday (June 15). People can enter with a donation of just £2.

The fundraiser will give money to Black Lives Matter UK as well as UK Black Pride and the Black Curriculum.

Nathan Wakefield who started the effort told VGN:

"I think, obviously, things and events in the US have caused this huge uproar--and rightly--so across the world, but I think after then doing some research I thought it wasn't just a US issue and the UK isn't innocent in all of this. 
"I was looking to see how I as a white person could actually use my voice to help out with these things.
"I was thinking about how effectively I could use my voice and obviously being an account and having the audience that I have, how to actively engage them, so obviously I was sharing resources that I found.
"I saw that there wasn't really much financial support and I knew that from my own experience having giveaways on my account always got a good response."

The Just-Giving page is still currently in operation and you can donate here.

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