New Canadian center looks for alternatives to using animals in biomedical research

A new research lab in Canada aims to focus on non-animal biomedical research, education and chemical safety testing.

The Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods (CCAAM) has opened at the University of Windsor.

Eric and Dana Margolis, from the Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation, established the site with a $1 million donation received from the couple last year.

Charu Chandrasekera, CCAAM’s Executive Director, says research in the lab is aimed at understanding human biology in health and disease using complex human cell and tissue-based models.

She said:

“There is a global shift away from animal testing. We want to expose our 21st Century kids to 21st Century technology, which isn't dead frogs.
“It's using virtual reality to do these things differently so they can have a better experience learning about human physiology and human anatomy.”

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