New environment and sustainability department opens at University at Buffalo

A new center looking at the climate crisis is opening at University at Buffalo.

The Department of Environment and Sustainability at UB will address the human impact on the planet—with animals and plants going extinct and rising air pollution in major cities two of the key things they aim to tackle.

The facility will see experts conducting research and preparing students to address some of the most important problems facing humanity in the 21st century.

Howard Lasker, chair of the Department of Environment and Sustainability said:

“The environment and sustainability are areas of study that are — and should be — the focus for many students.
“The daily headlines underscore the urgency of these issues. We’re living in a time of rapid human population growth, and humans are modifying the environment in myriad ways. Understanding these effects and deciding what level of impact we find acceptable are important goals.”

The department will begin work in 2020 and will offer a master’s degree in sustainability leadership.

In addition to the new MA program, the Department of Environment and Sustainability offers an advanced certificate in sustainability.

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