New Imperial College climate report says U.K. government should promote a move to a plant-based diet

A new report on climate change from Imperial College London suggests the British government should be doing more to promote diet change.

The behaviour change paper is written by Dr Richard Carmichael.

He recommends plant-based diets as one of the big three changes we must make.

The others look at lowering emissions produced by transport and heating.

Dr Carmichael said:

“The science and the targets for Net Zero are clear and most people are willing to do their bit. 
“This report suggests some practical ways in which barriers can be lowered and people enabled and encouraged to substantially reduce their contribution to global warming.
“[Providing vegan options] would not only cater to those already willing but unable to access plant-based meals but would allow others to try these foods and help to normalise low-impact diets.
“I hope we see some swift action from Government to start building up some momentum in new policy and public engagement, as time is running out.”

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