New Martin Scorsese documentary has nothing to do with veganism

A new documentary by acclaimed Hollywood director Martin Scorsese has dropped on Netflix, but vegans will be disappointed.

Despite months of us campaigning for Scorsese to adopt a plant-based diet, his latest documentary is about Bob Dylan.

VGN can only assume the 76-year-old hasn’t watched Cowspiracy, Dominion or What The Health on the streaming platform.

Rolling Thunder Revue looks at the career of Bob Dylan. But to be honest, we think a film about a plant-based evolution would be more appropriate, as The Times They Are a-Changin’.

I guess our hopes of seeing Scorsese put together a vegan documentary are Blowin’ in the Wind.

If you want to join our campaign, post #VeganScorsese on social media, Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right.

Rolling Thunder Revue was released yesterday on Netflix.

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