New plant-based burger coming to the market from Food for Progess

Swedish food manufacturer Food for Progress has announced they will be launching a plant-based burger later this year.

The Oumph! Burger will be sampled for the first time at the Fastfood & Café trade show in Stockholm this week.

Oumph! is a growing brand across Europe with kebab-style meat and pizzas already being offered by Food for Progress.

Henrik Åkerman, Marketing Director at Food for Progress said:

"The Oumph! Burger is a burger for everyone who loves burgers!",
"When we created the Oumph! Burger, we took our inspiration from a juicy rare burger, but the difference is that the Oumph! Burger is made with entirely plant-based ingredients."

The Oumph! Burger is made with soya beans, and the fine red colour comes from beetroot.

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