New poll shows majority against removing gray wolves from U.S. Endangered Species Act protection

A new poll from the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) shows the majority of people want gray wolves to remain protected by the Endangered Species Act.

The Trump administration has currently put forward plans for them to be de-listed in the lower states, with the American Farm Bureau Federation supporting the plans as a way to "defend livestock."

But many are against the proposals with Stephanie Kurose, an endangered species policy specialist at the CBD saying:

“With such widespread public support for wolves, the Trump administration should scrap its wrong-headed plan to remove these critical protections.
“Wolves are still too vulnerable to lose federal safeguards. This poll shows that Americans don’t want to see these imperiled animals trapped or gunned down for sport.
“Wolves are essential to maintaining healthy natural systems, and it’s clear the majority of Americans want these amazing animals to recover fully.
“After being relentlessly persecuted, they should be allowed to return to the places they once called home.”

The poll was conducted by Public Policy Polling and surveyed 555 registered voters in early May.

63 percent opposed the plan to allow more wolves to be trapped and poisoned, with 29 percent supporting Trump’s proposal to remove federal wolf protections.

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