New poll shows New York voters support fur ban

A new poll suggests that most voters in New York City would support the proposed fur ban.

The ban will be discussed next week following a bill introduced by Speaker Corey Johnson.

The citywide survey, conducted by Mason-Dixon, that 75 percent of New York City voters support the bill prohibiting the sales of fur apparel.

Allie Feldman Taylor, President of Voters for Animal Rights (VFAR) said:

“These polling results demonstrate that New Yorkers of all political persuasions oppose animal cruelty and overwhelmingly support a prohibition on the sale of fur apparel which, comes from tortured animals on fur farms and the wild,”
“It is common sense that ending the egregious practice of selling apparel made from abused animals is the right thing to do and 75% of NYC voters agree.”

A total of 625 randomised registered New York City voters were interviewed citywide by telephone.

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