New proposal’s aim to double Australia’s red meat sales over the next decade

Australia’s red meat industry has unveiled plans to double their sales over the next ten years.

Red Meat 2030 has been published by the Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC).

It also aims to halve the cost of regulatory and industry compliance and achieve carbon neutrality.

Don Mackay, Independent Chair of the RMAC said:

“Red Meat 2030 is about where our industry is now, and where it needs to be in the future.
“It will transform and cement our industry as one of people, profit and purpose, which delivers on our place in the Australian way of life.
“In developing Red Meat 2030, people from industry and government have worked together to set the priorities and identify ways we can work together to achieve a successful future.
“Red meat is good for human lives, and Red Meat 2030 is first and foremost about people —the people that live, work and own red meat businesses—and those within our community that consume our product and benefit from our industry.

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