New report shows discarded fishing equipment one of biggest ocean polluters

(Photo: Marco Care/Greenpeace)

A new report shows that discarded fishing gear is amongst the worst polluters of oceans.

The Abandoned Fishing Nets Haunting Our Oceans is a report by Greenpeace.

The report shows that so called “ghost gear” is estimated to make up 10% of the plastic waste in our oceans, with an estimated 640,000 tonnes entering the ocean every year.

Louisa Casson, an oceans campaigner at Greenpeace UK, said:

“Ghost gear is a major source of ocean plastic pollution and it affects marine life in the UK as much as anywhere else.
“The UK’s waters do not exist in a vacuum as oceans have no borders.
“The world’s governments must take action to protect our global oceans, and hold the under-regulated fishing industry to account for its dangerous waste.
“This should start with a strong global ocean treaty being agreed at the United Nations next year.”

The report recommends agreeing an ambitious Global Ocean Treaty by spring 2020, taking effective action to address marine pollution, including ghost fishing gear, through relevant regional and global organisations and adopting cross-sectoral solutions.

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