New statistics show the UK conducts largest number of animal experiments in Europe

New statistics released by the European Union Commission reveal the number of animal tests undertaken by European countries.

The UK was the worst offender with the highest number of animal experiments during the time period conducting over two and a half million.

The report shows the number of tests undertaken between 2015 and 2017.

During this time, the total number of experiments on animals in European laboratories decreased by 2% from 9.78 million in 2015 to 9.58 million in 2017.

The UK replaced Germany as the biggest reported user of animals for research in the EU.

Germany remains the second highest user completing 2,068,813 experiments while France was third with 1,914,174 tests.

Dr Katy Taylor, Cruelty Free International Director of Science, said:

"The tiny decrease in overall numbers of animals used in Europe’s laboratories between 2015 and 2017, is far from the significant progress in ending animal research for which we had hoped.
"EU citizens have been betrayed by their governments for failing to listen to public demand and make real progress in reducing animal testing numbers. Most tests conducted in the EU are for research purposes which aren’t required by law so could and should be stopped tomorrow."​

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