New vegan Scottish restaurant The Yew Tree aims to give former prison inmates a second chance

(PHOTO: Starting Steps)

A new restaurant set to open in the former social club of a prison in Scotland will be offering vegan food and helping former inmates.

The Yew Tree, planning to open in Perth, will employ former prisoners and is supported by a social enterprise called Starting Step.

It will be the first of it's kind according to The Courier and has support from the Scottish Prison Service.

In a statement, Starting Step state:

“Trainees will be able to develop their skills and reap the benefits of a real work environment.
“They will be able to interact with members of the public, where there will be no attached stigmas of their past mistakes. This will bring an added positive outcome of breaking down barriers between community and clients.”

The groups Chief Executive Dodie Piddock added:

“I’ve worked with charities and the third sector for some time and I had always wondered why Scotland has such an appalling number of people in prison. We’re one of the worst in Europe, per capita.
“I did a lot of work on focus groups and I found that the vast majority of people in prison need a second chance. I came away from this thinking, how do we do this?”

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