New York City considering fur ban for 2021

Fur could be banned in New York City Photo: Adobe Sparks

New York City could be set to ban the the sale of fur.

A lawmaker has introduced a bill that would see fur banned in the state from 2021.

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal proposed the bill, she said:

“Major luxury fashion brands such as Coach, Versace, Burberry and Michael Kors have recently announced plans to become fur-free, while some retailers and magazines have also announced they will no longer carry or feature clothing and accessories using animal fur.
"Countries such as Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have banned the sale of fur products, while a few U.S. cities including Los Angeles and San Francisco have also taken the step.”

Anyone who would sell fur from 2021 could be fined $500 for a first offense.

"These people are fourth-, fifth-generation furriers."

A number of protesters gathered outside to protest against he proposal which they claim would damage businesses in the state.

Protesters gather outside. Photo: International Fur Federation

Nancy Daigneault, vice-president of the International Fur Federation told The Guardian:

“It’s shocking that they would want to do this.
“These are people’s jobs. These people are fourth-, fifth-generation furriers. They’ve been good, tax-paying citizens for a very long time. They want to feed their families.”

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