New York vegan food counter Cinnamon Snail to give free food bags to those in need ahead of closure

Vegan eatery The Cinnamon Snail will hand out free food bags to help people struggling as a result of a potential coronavirus lockdown.

The New York counter, based at Pennsy Food Hall has closed earlier than planned as a result of the outbreak.

They were due to close later this month.

Taking to Facebook they said that this Wednesday they would have free big bags of vegan meals with instructions:

“Effective immediately we will no longer be open. It has been a dream come true for me to serve our customers, and to work with such a talented staff for the last decade, but now the Cinnamon Snail is closing up shop.

“I know people are stressed out right now about securing enough food and resources for their families. We are probably going to be all experiencing some sort of lock down in the near future.
“So to help with that, this Wednesday afternoon, I will be offering ABSOLUTELY FREE big bags of easy-to-assemble vegan meals from the cinnamon snail with instructions on how to heat and serve things.
“Pick ups will be from our kitchen in Brooklyn. Depending on demand, we should be able to give everyone enough food to fill their freezers with to help everyone get through these scary times.”

If you are interested in picking up a big bag of you can email Adam@CinnamonSnail.com.

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