New Zealand pizza restaurant replaced meat with vegan-friendly alternatives and no one noticed

A pizza restaurant in New Zealand secretly replaced meat with plant-based alternatives and no one noticed.

Hell Pizza revealed the news online that their Burger Pizza contained no animal products.

They used Beyond Meat rather than beef on the pizza.

A number of social media users complained about being misled.

But Hell Pizza’s General Manager Ben Cumming said in a statement:

“A lot of people are instantly put off by the idea of fake meats, so we made the call to not reveal its meat-free origins because we were so confident people would enjoy it.
“With more pressure on the planet’s resources, we need to think about alternative food options.
“If covertly adding meat-free options onto a pizza encourages more people to be open-minded, we’re happy to do that!”

You can read the comments here: https://www.facebook.com/43522837224/posts/10157213808137225?s=520232336&v=e&sfns=mo

note: the pizza itself isn’t vegan-friendly unless the cheese is changed.

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