New Zealand’s Prime Minister can’t go vegan because she ‘loves cheese’

(Photo: Twitter)

New Zealand’s Prime Minister has said she couldn’t go vegan because she “loves cheese.”

Jacinda Ardern was speaking at the Just Transition Summit, an event looking at renewable energy.

Hollywood Director James Cameron also spoke at the event and urged people to move away from meat and dairy in order to help tackle climate change.

The Titanic Director said:

“We see a very, very rapid change in demand toward plant-based alternatives. The farmers are still gonna be producing; they are just gonna be producing something else.
“It's already happening and it's happening worldwide.”

But the PM wasn’t convinced.

When asked if she could move to a plant-based diet, Ardern said:

“I'm from the Waikato I don't know that I'd be allowed to go home if I became vegan, and I love cheese.
“There will continue to be export demand for the products New Zealand's really good at producing, and that includes dairy products.”

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