NFU President calls for “end to the victimisation” over livestock farming environmental impact

(Photo: NFUonline)

The President of the National Farmers’ Union has called for an “end to the victimisation” by activists over livestock farming.

Minette Batters was speaking at the launch of the NFU conference in Birmingham.

She spoke in her opening address about Brexit and climate change.

Batters said:

“I want an end to the victimisation by some activists against our livestock sector. People need to remember, at the heart of every farming business is a family.
“In a world where there seems to be increasing polarisation we mustn’t forget we’re all human.
“I urge everyone – including the media - to stop and think about the real-life consequences of their actions and their words.
“The UK hosts the COP, the UN climate change conference in November and it will be more important than any that have gone before.
“Our chance, the Prime Ministers chance, to show the world that the UK is going to lead on de-carbonisation of the G7 - working with the farmers here to champion climate friendly farming, across the world, to lead the recovery our planet so desperately needs.
“Climate change is a shared responsibility. A global issue which requires us all to act
“This is why I have set out an ambition for British farming to be net zero in emissions by 2040.”

The conference will also feature talks on how farmers are “inspiring our nation’s schoolchildren” as well as how they “protect, promote and grow British dairy.”

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