Oklahoma deer poacher caught out on dating app

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

A woman who bragged on a dating app about shooting a deer in Oklahoma may wish she'd swiped left—after her match turned out to be a Game Warden.

The Oklahoma Game Wardens posted the story on their Facebook page.

She had spoken to Cannon Harrison on the app Bumble and shared the fact she'd killed the deer during the off-season:

After brief plesantaries the woman went straight in with the classic "Oh I'm great. Just shot a bigo buck" icebreaker.

Even sending him a picture of the beheaded buck, which we've deemed too graphic to post.

The Oklahoma Game Wardens page said:

"As Game Wardens our personal lives are often blurred into our professional lives. This is often the case when it comes to social media, personal cell phones, and now dating apps.
"Obviously not knowing Cannon is a game warden her date night took a turn for the worst!"

The woman was met by wardens instead of her date and pled guilty to charges of improper possession of an illegally taken animal and taking game out-of-season

She was forced to pay multiple fines.

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