Otter dies after guest ‘throws food’ into his enclosure at nature reserve

A nature reserve has confirmed an otter at their site in Tennessee has died after food was thrown into his enclosure.

It is thought the food, which hasn’t been identified, wasn’t fit for an otters consumption and Otto passed away last week.

Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium confirmed the news on Facebook.

They said:

“We're deeply saddened to announce that Otto the river otter did not make it. His exact cause of death isn't known, but a necropsy will be performed to find out.
“Otto came to the park as a 9-month-old in October 2017 from a rehabilitation facility in North Carolina.
“The facility cared for Otto and his sibling after they lost their parents in the flood. The hope was to release them back into the wild, but the pups had lost their fear of humans, so Otto found a new home with us at Bays Mountain Park.”

The Park had previously released a statement saying

Otto “fell ill after park guests threw food into his enclosure that his body could not tolerate.”

They urged people not to feed animals at the site for exactly that reason.

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