A petition has been launched urging UK retailer Choice to ditch fur products.

Choice - with stores in Westfield and Lakeside shopping centres - sells products from brands such as Canada Goose.

A petition has now been launched with over 1,500 signatures.

It says: "Choice are a company known for selling a range of different luxury designer brands.

"Unfortunately, some of the products sold by this company come from highly unethical brands such as Canada Goose and Nobis, who both use coyote fur trims on their jackets, and Moose Knuckles, who use fox fur trims, to name just a few.

"The coyotes whose fur are used for these products are caught in steel leg hold traps, where they will often be stuck for days until a hunter comes along and either shoots them in the head, or tramples them to death if they are already particularly weak.

"These coyotes will often be mothers, who will be so desperate to get back to their cubs that they will commonly resort to chewing their own limbs off.

"Fox fur, on the other hand, comes from farmed foxes who will be kept in cramped, confined conditions before eventually being anally or vaginally electrocuted."

The petition can be signed here: https://www.change.org/p/choice-choice-drop-all-fur-product…

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