Plant-based entrepreneur Heather Mills was involved in a debate on veganism this morning.

The VBites founder debated celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson on British daytime show This Morning.

The topic was 'Has veganism gone too far?' in which she called out Worrall Thompson for saying that cows were carbon neutral.

During the discussion Mills said: "It’s about choice, it’s about freedom of choice. I don’t believe in extremists at all, the fastest way to help people get happier, healthier, more environmentally and animal friendly is to eat [plant-based] products.

"The mass majority of people who are becoming flexitarian are the people who are making a huge difference on the environment.

"We [VBites] are in 24 countries in the world, we develop different foods, for people who love the taste of meat, I train Michelin star chefs how to do vegan, you can have everything you like but it won’t hurt the animals or environment.

"I don’t believe in extreme behaviour that is cruel to anybody, you get it in non-vegans and you get it in all areas."

Heather Mills also said farmers are costing UK taxpayers £3 million pounds at year.

"Farmers can bring money into this country by making plant-based peas and potato starch, we turn that into a gel, pure clean label, that makes fish steaks and duck, wouldn't you want that £3 million saved?"

Worrall Thompson said vegans 'wanted to be part of the celebrity scene' and 'should stop thrusting it down people's throats.' He also said some nonsense about how vegans are eating avocados and almonds.

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