Plant-based food initiative at Irish university granted €10 million

A plant-based food initiative led by a university in Ireland has been granted almost €10 million.

University College Cork (UCC) will lead the Smart Protein programme from January.

It will see researchers and brands looking to introduce new plant-based food products and reduce food waste.

The project will us by-products including grains and roots left after pasta, beer and bread making.

Emanuele Zannini, Senior Research Officer with the University of Cork and the Lead Coordinator of Smart Protein, said:

“With the Smart Protein project, we are reconsidering the entire protein value chain from production to consumption in terms of both productive and environmental performance. 
“We are also targeting soil-health restoration through organic regenerative agriculture practices that are able to shift from carbon-source to carbon-sink agriculture, which is more resilient to the effects of climate change and helps farmers’ long-term financial futures.”

Smart Protein has a total budget of €9.6 million, €8.2 million of which is provided by the European Commission. It will run for four years from 1 January 2020.

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