Plant-based food on the menu in New Zealand in 2019—report

A survey by the Restaurant Association of New Zealand suggests plant-based food is on the menu for 2019.

The report which focused on hospitality owners says they expect plant-based menus, technology and delivering exceptional experiences as 2019’s top dining trends.

The Restaurant Association, an industry body that represents more than 2300 hospitality businesses nationwide, asked its members to weigh in on what they think will be the hottest trends in 2019.

Restaurant Association CEO, Marisa Bidois said:

The global trend towards wellness coupled with a focus on environmental concerns and animal welfare is having an impact on consumer interest in more plant-based menu items.”
“Many of our members have already adjusted their menus accordingly and offer either vegan or vegetarian food options, and/or have a focus on using local and sustainable produce.”

The use of technology to take customer orders and process payments is also expected to be more prevalent over the coming year.

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