Plant Based Foods Association to challenge ‘unnecessary’ Mississippi ‘meat’ labelling law

The Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) and Upton’s Naturals have filed a lawsuit against Mississippi‘s new labeling rules which could make using “meat” terminology to describe plant-based foods subject to criminal penalties.

The law went into effect on 1st July.

PBFA Executive Director Michele Simon defended the right to the use terms to describe plant-based foods:

“This Mississippi law is the meat lobby’s response to growing consumer demand; they are attacking words on labels, instead of competing in the marketplace. Whatever happened to the free market?
“The Mississippi law would create unnecessary, confusing, and costly label changes that would stifle innovation and frustrate consumers.”

Andy Gibson, Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce in Mississippi has hit out at the legal action.

He took to social media saying:

“The Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce has a duty and obligation to enforce the law and the will of the people as expressed by the legislature.
“This will be an opportunity for us to defend legislative intent, and defend common sense.
“A food product made of insect-protein should not be deceptively labeled as beef. Someone looking to purchase tofu should not be tricked into buying lab-grown animal protein.
“Words mean something. We look forward to defending the law to make sure Mississippi consumers have clear information on the meat and non-meat products they purchase.”

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