Plant-based "meat" allowed on the menu in Mississippi after u-turn

Mississippi will allow vegan and vegetarian brands to continue to use terms like "burger" and "sausage" on their products.

It follows a u-turn just weeks after proposed legislation would've seen the terms strictly used for meat products.

In July, vegan food company Upton’s Naturals and the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) teamed up with the Institute for Justice (IJ) to sue the state for violating the First Amendment.

It appears that decision has now paid off with vegan "meats" back on the menu.

IJ Senior Attorney Justin Pearson said:

“The new proposed regulation is a victory for the First Amendment and for common sense.
“Our lawsuit made it clear that subjecting plant-based food companies to possible criminal prosecution for using common terms on their labels would be a violation of their free speech rights.
"Mississippi has made the wise decision to change those regulations so that companies will be free to continue selling vegan and vegetarian burgers and other meat alternatives in the Magnolia State.”

The regulation says that plant-based products can use terms like "meat" if they also include terms such as “meat-free,” “meatless,” “plant-based,” “vegetarian,” or “vegan”.

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