Plant-based menus launched by Scottish councils following vegan campaign

Plant-based menus have been launched in schools in Glasgow and East Renfrewshire following a vegan campaign.

Scotland has not yet followed Portugal’s lead in introducing legislation requiring public entities to provide vegan options every day.

After a parent requested a full vegan menu in East Renfrewshire and the Council failed to put this in place this was challenged on the basis of human rights and equality law and the Council eventually produced a full vegan menu.

This follows a similar case in Glasgow City Council after a couple challenged the failure of them to provide a full vegan menu for their daughter in nursery, the Council produced a full three-week vegan menu and in January confirmed that this is now available on request throughout the Glasgow area, in schools and nurseries.

Go Vegan World In-house Legal Counsel, Barbara Bolton, explained:

“Vegans have the same protections as those who hold religious beliefs. They have the right to live according to their moral conviction that it is wrong to use and kill other animals and they must not be discriminated against.
"We are working to raise awareness among vegans so that they have the information they need to challenge rights breaches, whether that be a failure to provide suitable food in school, hospital or prison, difficulties at work, or challenging indoctrination in school through teaching in a way that conflicts with the vegan philosophy.
"We are assisting vegans with rights-based challenges whenever we can and they can contact me at Barbara.bolton@goveganworld.com for assistance.”

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