Poultry group looking for help dispelling 'fake news on the production of poultry meat'

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A poultry group is searching for a "specialized executive agency" to help them promote the European Union-based poultry trade.

AVEC wants to launch a campaign promoting poultry and dispel "myths/fake news on the production of poultry meat."

AVEC is a non-profit association of poultry processors and poultry trade in EU countries.

A press release on their website says:

"Following discussions with several members, AVEC was assigned with the mission to build a program informing on the production methods and high EU standards applying for the production of poultry meat in the European Union.
"The actions will aim at increasing the public awareness on these methods of production and on the health benefits of eating poultry meat, as well as contradict myths/fake news on the production of poultry meat.
"By doing so, we expect to raise the consumer confidence in eating poultry meat in the targeted countries and ultimately increase consumption of poultry meat. Lastly, the campaign should show the relevance of poultry meat for the EU economy and highlight the social impact of the production, especially in rural areas.
"The target audiences will be the consumers but also key opinion leaders, decision makers as well as retailers and catering/food services sectors."

They also say the "recruitment of a specialized executive agency is necessary, to plan and execute the actions covered in this program".

The "program" will apparently involve public relation activities, the organisation of exhibitions, advertising in media, the development of social media campaigns and the production of market and economic studies.

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