Poultry industry has to tell ‘compelling story to tackle animal rights campaigners’

A PR expert says the poultry industry has to “tell a compelling story” to beat animal activists.

Hinda Mitchell, the founder and president of Inspire PR Group, is apparently going to speak at the 2019 Chicken Marketing Summit—which is a real thing.

Speaking to Wattagnet, Mitchell said:

“We’ve got to meet our consumers where they are — online — and not be afraid to talk about what we do, how we do it, and most importantly, why we do it.
“The reality is that consumers want answers, and they will listen to us if we have a compelling story to tell.”
“They want to enjoy great poultry foods, and they want to hear from our companies that it’s OK for them to eat our foods, and that they can do so with confidence in our processes and practices.”

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