British newspaper The Daily Telegraph and Environment Secretary Michael Gove are urging Premier League club's to go greener.

A Daily Telegraph investigation revealed clubs have been slow to respond to Government green targets.

Team's are being urged to switch to a sustainable energy supplier and explore installing LED floodlights and solar panels.

To ban single-use plastic at stadiums and to offer vegan options to fans in all areas of the stadium.

To introduce electric car charging points at the stadium, and secure spaces for 200 bikes.

​For each club to reduce number of away league matches flown to by two and to detail on posters around stadiums and on websites in order to increase awareness of green issues.

Michael Gove told The Telegraph: "We all have a role to play in improving our environment. The Premier League is already encouraging clubs to phase out single-use plastic from their stadiums, but I welcome this ambitious plan from The Daily Telegraph.

"With its global influence, the Premier League has an opportunity to inspire its fans and employees to not only tackle the scourge of plastic but the wider challenges facing our planet."

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