Premier League clubs urged to reduce meat and dairy offerings

(Photo: Premier League)

Premier League clubs have been urged to reduce meat and dairy as part of five key steps to reduce their carbon footprints.

BBC Sport is working with Sport Positive Summit to look into how the football clubs are tackling climate change.

Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United were voted as the most sustainable based on a number of criteria including clean energy use and single-use plastic reduction.

Professor Mike Berners-Lee, of Lancaster University's Institute for Social Futures, and the author of There is No Planet B told the BBC there were five key things the teams can do to improve their efforts.

That included fan travel, international travel, food, throw-away plastic and communication and engagement.

On the issue of a plant-based diet Professor Berners-Lee said:

“Food is around a quarter of the UK's carbon footprint.
“The most important message clubs can send out is a reduction in meat and dairy and in particular less beef and lamb (the highest carbon meats).”

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