Queen’s University researcher defends animal testing

A PhD candidate at Queen’s University in Canada says that animal testing is “unfairly judged.”

The researcher, who remained anonymous in the piece says biomedical research “can’t exist in a meaningful form” without the use of animal research or products.

Speaking to The Journal the researcher said:

“Advancements in biomedical research provide a potential future for people suffering from various physical limitations, illnesses and injuries.
“Testing on human-like species, like animals, helps scientists find cures or provide people with diseases with a better quality of life. 
“If these medical solutions are going to be possible, they can only exist through the practice of biomedical animal testing.”

The researcher also believes “it’s simply unethical” to release a drug into human clinical trials without first verifying its effect and toxicity in animals. 

Read the full thing here: https://www.queensjournal.ca/story/2019-03-14/opinions/letter-from-a-queens-researcher-animal-testing-is-unfairly-judged/

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