Report claims billions being spent in environmentally damaging subsidies in Ireland

Social Justice Ireland (SJI) has released a new report stating that around €4 billion is being spent in potentially environmentally damaging subsidies.

The National Social Monitor looked at a range of issues with SJI calling poverty a “cause and effect of climate inaction.”

One of the key findings was that €1.6 billion supported activities in the Agriculture, Transport and Fisheries sectors which would damage the planet, with €2.5 billion in direct subsidies and preferential tax treatment supporting fossil fuel activities in Ireland.

In a statement they said:

“These subsidies equate to 80% of revenue collected through environmental taxes, such as the plastic bag levy or carbon tax, and undermine any impact they might have. 
“€4 billion a year would go a long way to supporting a Just Transition fund for low income households and households in rural Ireland most affected by the implementation of necessary changes to support climate action. 
“By ending environmentally damaging tax breaks and investing this money into people,  communities and regions that will be most affected by climate adaptation Government can ensure a Just Transition.”

The Just Transition policy is about protecting the vulnerable and those most at risk of impact from the changes required to transition to a low carbon economy is vital.


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