Reported decision to give U.S. pork industry control over inspections ‘dangerous’

The Trump administration has come under fire over plans to let the pork industry take over inspections of meat from hog farms.

The Environmental Working Group condemned the plans as one of the “most dangerous decisions” the President has made.

According to The Washington Post, all tests for deadly pathogens will be undertaken by the pork industry.

The proposal,l is part of Trump’s promise to roll back regulations on the pork industry and agribusiness in general.

EWG President Ken Cook said:

“Turning food safety inspections over to hog farmers is one of the most dangerous decisions the Trump administration has made – and that’s a long list.
“Millions of Americans already fall sick each year from contaminated food even with government safety inspectors on the job.
“I shudder to think how many more will get sick or die if hog farm workers, not trained government veterinarians, are the last line of defense against a salmonella outbreak.”  

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