Research from British scientists says ditch meat-heavy BBQs for the environment

A group of scientists from across the U.K. have released research looking at the impact summer barbecues have on the planet.

Many people will be taking to the barbecue over the summer but work which is being showcased this week at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, shows the impact they are having on climate change.

According to the study a typical summer barbecue for four people releases more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than an 80 mile car journey.

The team is led by the University of Manchester.

Lead scientist, Professor Sarah Bridle, from the University of Manchester, said:

“Food contributes over 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions. As the barbecue season gets underway, people might like some food for thought about the impact of their choices on the environment.
“Did you know for example that the production of a 100g medium-sized beef burger releases enough greenhouses gases to fill more than 60 balloons?
“That’s equivalent to driving more than six miles in a car.

The group of scientists has calculated that a vegan barbecue, where meat was replaced with vegan sausages, cheese was swapped for onion, butter was swapped with vegetable spread and cream was switched to sugar – would reduce the emissions to the equivalent of about 80 balloons of carbon dioxide for the whole meal, which is less than half of the typical barbeque emissions.

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