Coffee shops in Scotland are apparently running out of oak milk.

A boom in it's popularity has left producers unable to meet demand.

Rosie McGregor, a barista at Söderberg, told The Times newspaper they had been unable to find a product from the Swedish firm Oatly for two weeks.

She said: "We have a different brand we can use but it doesn’t mix well with our coffees.

"Alternatives are fine by themselves but our coffee is a bit chocolatey, so it doesn’t taste quite right."

Tom Hyde, from coffee school Brew Lab Coffee, added: "Essentially it means we cannot supply what people are after.

"Oatly supplies have pretty much dried up in the UK. Oat milk has been much cheaper than other alternative milks and it tastes better. It is not a disaster for us but it is starting to cause some issues."

A spokesman from Oatly said: "It’s true that Oatly is facing unprecedented demand; we’ve recently produced and sold more oat drink than ever before."

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