“Scrapping meat not the way forward” according to Scottish Countryside Alliance

The Director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance has hit back at the idea of Scottish schools introducing a compulsory vegan menu.

An article by Mimi Bekhechi of PETA in The Scotsman called on schools to take action.

But Jamie Stewart claims a plant-based diet is bad for the environment and health.

Criticising Mimi for “hiding the facts” and then providing none of his own, Stewart said:

“It’s commendable that people, particularly the millennial generation, are questioning the sustainability of the food that they eat, but scrapping meat really isn’t the way forward.
“Bekhechi fails to point out that her preferred vegan lifestyle – if forced on everyone – would mean that beef and dairy cattle would be phased out, as well as sheep and lambs; destroying people’s livelihoods and fundamentally changing the way the countryside looks and operates.
“The pasture land used in livestock farming creates a habitat for other wild species, especially insects, which would therefore also go.
“It’s one thing for PETA to make sweeping statements for clickbait, but it is incredibly dangerous for them to not explain what the long-term impact on the environment and landscape would be like if they got their way.”

Stewart cited a number of high-profile people moving away from veganism and the “B12” argument for reasons why it may not be a good idea.

He continued:

“There are a growing number of case studies of people who have dropped veganism, all of which are readily available online for you to investigate.
“In every case, the vegan diet has been cited as causing or contributing to health problems including, but not limited to, chronic fatigue and irritable bowel syndrome; that have since vanished when returning to meat, eggs and dairy.
“Having to rely on supplementary tablets to sustain a vegan diet while attempting to maintain healthy levels of Vitamin B12, iron and vitamin D, doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence that the vegan lifestyle is all it’s cracked up to be.
“I know I would sooner my children source their vitamins and iron from a balanced diet of meat and vegetables, not tablets.”

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