Shocking footage shows calves being beaten while waiting to be transported across Europe

(Photo: Eyes on Animals)

Footage has emerged of calves being beaten while at a “holding centre” during a journey from Ireland to mainland Europe.

The footage was secretly filmed near Cherbourg in France.

An investigation was undertaken by animal rights groups Eyes on Animals and French organisation L214. 

It took place between 14-17 March 2019 and involved trailing 23 Irish livestock trucks and inspecting the conditions the animals were exposed to. 

It is thought the calves were being transported to The Netherlands.

Nicola Glen, UK & IE spokesperson for Eyes on Animals:

“It is heartbreaking to see how these vulnerable animals, still unstable on their legs and dependent on their mothers milk, undergo horrific violence during transport to the Dutch veal facilities.
“The Netherlands is the driving force behind these transports and Ireland is the main supplier. Both countries should be taking responsibility for the welfare of these calves.”

A spokesperson for Ireland’s agriculture department said:

“Ireland applies strict controls in relation to welfare of animals including during transport and has procedures and checks in place to ensure compliance with EU and national legislation.”

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