SNP MP makes unfounded claims about veganism on BBC panel show

The Scottish National Party's Deputy Leader at Westminster made some interesting comments about veganism while on a BBC panel show this week.

A question was raised on BBC Question Time which asked, "To combat global warming, is it time we all went vegan?"

The panel unsurprisingly said that asking people to go vegan or vegetarian was a step too far.

But SNP MP Kirsty Blackman went slightly further, saying:

"I don’t think we should necessarily all go vegan. There are issues with cost of things like this. So you’ve got a problem where, if you go to a well-known supermarket, for the cost of an avocado you can buy a six pack of beef burgers. We need to improve that before people make those healthier choices, those choices that are better for the environment.
"So I think it would be difficult for us to mandate everyone to go vegan and for them to get the right amount of protein for them to eat in their diets for them to be healthy."

However, the facts don't support Blackman's thoughts.

Comparing the affordability of a beef burger to an avocado is not an equivalent.

You could say, for example, that TGI Fridays recently launched (in the UK) plant-based burger is priced at £10.99 while the other burgers on their menu range from £10.49-16.99.

In fact, in 2019, affordable supermarket Aldi launched a whole new vegan range, making plant-based food more accessible.

In terms of protein, according to Viva Health, a standard 50g beef burger contains 10.2g of protein and three (90g) fish sticks 12g, while half a 225g can of baked beans contains 11.5g of protein; and an average serving of kidney beans (160g cooked) contains 12.4g.

These are all affordable plant-based foods.

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