Spanish animal charity concerned cows stuck on transport boat could starve

A Spanish animal charity say they are concerned thousands of cows on a boat near the Spanish port of Cartegena could starve to death.

Susan Weeding, co-owner of Easy Care Horse Rescue Centre, says she has been told the vessel can’t dock due to issues between the Lebanese company which owns the carrier and a Spanish fuel company.

5,500 cows are on board and were being transported from Brazil to Turkey.

The charity was contacted by the company over the weekend.

Susan told Sky News:

"It seemed it all kicked off on Friday evening when the people at the company found out they were going to be denied access.
“It being the weekend they couldn't get hold of anybody, so a lady from Lebanon contacted me in desperation.
“They Googled animal charities and mine came up.

The animal charity has started a petition which they plan to hand to the port authority to persuade them to dock the vessel.

Mrs. Weeding continued:

“If they won't allow food out to the port, there must be a way to get food out to the boat, because the actual food is waiting there in Cartagena to be loaded onto the boat.”

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