Vegan-friendly football club Forest Green Rovers (FGR) have helped launch the Sports For Climate Action campaign working with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Chairman Dale Vince spoke about the campaign while attending the COP24 in Poland to collect the Momentum for Change award.

Sports for Climate Action aims to encourage the global sports community to combat climate change in line with the goals of Paris Agreement.

Vince said: "Working with FGR we thought we could reach a new audience of people – people who had not really been touched by eco messaging in the past.

"It’s quite an improbable combination I think – the environment and football but we’ve pulled it off. We’ve reached 3.5 billion people just in the last year through our message and we’ve engaged a lot with other sports clubs and organisations around the world so it’s been a great success.

"Tackling climate change seems to me to be the most important thing in life really, other than family, but the most important thing to spend my time doing. For me it’s about sustainability and climate change is the biggest threat that we face."

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