10 vegan foods to stock up on for the apocalypse

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Smart money says climate change will cause societal collapse soonest. But right wing authoritarianism also could easily plunge us into world-ending global conflict. And if you’re hoping for zombie apocalypse, scientists are already practicing on pigs.

But no matter how we go out, if you’re hoping to survive the collapse of western civilization, you might want more than rice and beans.

Here’s what the VGN team has decided to stock up on...and don’t worry, this shit is guaranteed to outlive you in any scenario:

1. Krispy Kreme pies (Sebastian's pick)

First the F**k of all, who knew Krispy Kreme sold something vegan?! The Krispy Kreme fruit pies are crispy, goey and they contain fruit so technically we are calling it a healthy snack. Plus we imagine if the zombies come for us, this might actually be a useful weapon.

2. Party Rings (Tom's pick)

If you love sugary biscuits and hate your teeth then Party Rings are for you! We cannot tell you how moorish these are and they are so pretty! You will need something to do during the apocalypse so why not make fun characters from these bad boys?! Maybe they can replace your friends who we assume have been eaten to death!

3. Dorito Spicy Sweet Chili (Tyler's pick)

We need crisps and lots of them. Doritos have nailed it with their sweet yet spicy crunchy triangle of love. And we will need all the love we can get because most of the planet has been wiped out. These bad boys taste like teriyaki and we are here for them.

4. Skittles (Sebastian's pick)

We should probably reveal at this point that the diet didn't survive the end of the world as we know it. Hopefully someone that survives and ends up stuck in a house with us a la Birdbox is a dentist by trade.

5. Fig Rolls (Tom's pick)

A slightly obscure pick but if you haven't tried these they are solid. Don't come at us with McVities, it is Bolands all the way. Also, once again fruit, don't judge.

6. Oreos Double Stuf (Tyler's pic)

Listen it has to be double. We want all of the weird white cream stuff we can get and the crunchy chocolately biscuit too.

7. Pringles Bacon flavor (Sebastian's pick)

But bacon though...kidding. These are vegan friendly and we aren't sharing. Plus look how much fun we could have making faces with our pringles.

8. Pom Bears (Tom's pick)

We should probably state that these obviously aren't made with real bears (before the EU or Mississippi come knocking. These are light crispy salty snacks and don't let the "6 pack" label mislead you, we expect the opposite to occur.

9. Boxed Cold Brew Coffee (Tyler's pick)


10. Biscoff Spread (Team Pick)

Look at this beautiful tub of joy and tell me it won't keep you going when the world is full of zombies! I hope that we have enough tubs to last all three of us in this end of the world scenario.

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