Tesco investigating poultry farm after undercover footage shows abuse

An undercover investigation by an animal rights group shows chickens being kicked and abused at two farms in Suffolk.

Supermarket chain Tesco has suspended sales of chickens from Trees Farm and Brome Grange.

The RSPCA and Red Tractor have also suspended the farms. The investigation findings found almost 500 chicks died in their first week at one of the farms, the kicking, throwing and snapping of the necks of baby chicks and the leaving of one chick over eight hours to die.

The group's founder, Claire Palmer, said in a statement:

“This extensive investigation into the lives of 'slow growing' and supposedly high welfare chickens - from the placing of chicks to the catching of young birds at nine weeks old for slaughter – reveals that 'meat' chickens are subjected to cruel abuse, pain and suffering regardless of labels.
“We have recorded scenes of birds having their necks broken by workers and thrown convulsing onto the floor or into a bucket of urine, baby chicks being kicked, stepped on, and having their necks snapped on feeder lines, the routine breaching of welfare guidelines and the potential breaking of European law, workers failing at biosecurity, a negligence by workers to check on the birds' welfare which resulted in lame, sick and dying chickens being left to suffer for days, and a free range, RSPCA-Assured range that is mainly concrete.”

Animal Justice Project will be campaigning on high streets and university campuses across Britain to promote a vegan diet as part of their new campaign 'The Foul Truth'

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