Trump administration reverses decision to reauthorize “cyanide bombs” on wild animals

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced they will reevaluate a decision to reauthorize the use of so-called “cyanide bombs” to kill wild animals.

It follows public criticism of the decision with the Center for Biological Diversity saying they “can’t be used safely” and “cause too much harm.”

The EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler has now announced they will revisit the decision to use the M-44 devices.

He said:

“I am announcing a withdrawal of EPA’s interim registration review decision on sodium cyanide, the compound used in M-44 devices to control wild predators.
“This issue warrants further analysis and additional discussions by EPA with the registrants of this predacide.
“USDA is the primary registrant, along with five other state departments of agriculture: Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming.
“I look forward to continuing this dialogue to ensure U.S. livestock remain well-protected from dangerous predators while simultaneously minimizing off-target impacts on both humans and non-predatory animals.” 

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