A campaign by vegans in Bristol has led to a turkey auction being called off.

St Werburgh's City Farm has raffled off the birds to eat every year.

But Bristol Vegan Action Group campaigned against the planned auction , which has now been cancelled.

Lauren Hunt, from the Bristol Vegan Action Group, said: "When I first went I thought it was a sanctuary for animals.

"So I don’t understand how a charity could have so much death involved with it.

"Christmas time is the season of giving, compassion and instead we are going to celebrate by taking the lives of nine turkeys."

St Werburgh’s released a statement saying: "We are aware that raising animals for meat is an emotive issue, and having listened to the views of a small section of our community, we have decided not to hold our annual turkey auction.

"However, the aims and objectives of the farm will remain unchanged and our turkeys will still be sold for Christmas."

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