TV Presenter Chris Packham says he will be staying vegan after Veganuary

Naturalist Chris Packham says he will be staying vegan after taking part in Veganuary this year.

The BBC TV presenter says he has learnt a lot over the last month while writing for The Guardian.

Packham said:

"I’ve learned a lot over the last month. Years ago, I was accidentally given a vegan meal on an aircraft and it was terrible. But I’ve found it a complete untruth that vegan food is tasteless.
"I’ve discovered so many new flavoursome foods: vegan pies, tofu sausages and some fantastic chocolate. Vegan cheese might not satisfy a cheese connoisseur, but it’s fine for a decent cheese sandwich.
"I’ve also learned that our food labelling is extremely poor. Some foods labelled “vegetarian” are actually vegan, and many vegan foods are not labelled at all.
"Without Google, I would’ve been hopelessly lost – I’d check a brand and find the answer on a website somewhere. Perhaps a third of biscuits are vegan, but you wouldn’t know it.
"Original Hobnobs are vegan but some Digestives aren’t. Manufacturers are missing a trick."

Chris Packham recently said he will speak to the Royal Family about fox hunting when he receives an CBE at Buckingham Palace.

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