Tyson Foods launches solar powered poultry house ‘to improve environmental impact’

Tyson Foods has launched a solar powered poultry house in partnership with Auburn University’s National Poultry Technology Center (NPTC).

The site, located in Cullman County, Alabama, will be capable of housing 36,000 broilers and is apparently the largest solar-powered poultry house to be built completely off-the-grid.

It is part of efforts to make poultry more “environmentally sustainable.”

Chip Miller, vice president of poultry live operations for Tyson Foods said:

“Ultimately, this project will allow us to identify how solar houses might improve farmer profitability and bring increased efficiency to the poultry industry.
“Through our partnership with Auburn University’s NPTC, we are creating a model for the future of the industry—one that is more sustainable and brings critical value and insights, previously unavailable, to poultry farmers.”

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