U.K. ‘Anti-vegan tour’ coming to vegan events later this month

An ‘anti-vegan tour’ is set to come to vegan events across the U.K. later this month.

A Youtuber called sv3ridge posted that they are planning to visit events in Brighton, Manchester and London.

In the video he says:

“I’ve brought tickets to London, but we are going to go straight to Eastbourne from there.
“A friend of mine has a house there and he says he has space for 30 people, so if anybody wants to come and join me at the vegan event in Brighton, then you’re invited.
“You can totally stay at his place, he is supportive of this whole anti-vegan movement.”

The Brighton event, believed to be VegFestUK, is only one stop on this ‘tour’.

He continues:

“So first event is Brighton then I will do at least two events in London, depending on how many people want to join.
“The aim is then to go to Manchester when I will do one event.
“If you live in any of those areas, especially London, and you know where to get good meat and rare stuff such as organs which I will need for the event, or any whole animals, then please email me as I am not sure where I will get the meat.”

Sv3ridge also says there will be anti-vegan events in Australia.

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