U.S. college foods provider offers new plant-based food options on campus

A food provider for schools in the United States (U.S.) has introduced a number of plant-based food options.

Chartwells Higher Education is a contract food service within 280 colleges and universities.

Chartwells challenged their chefs to create plant-based pop-ups that can be creatively executed on campus to provide variety and alternatives to students.

Chartwells Higher Education Vice President of Sustainability and Culinary Services, Laura Lapp said:

"Over the past year our plant-based options have increased in popularity by over 30%.
“Students are more mindful of what they are eating, where their food is coming from and the impact it is making on the environment.
“While we have a growing number of vegan and vegetarian menu items available to our culinarians, we sought further opportunities to educate and offer these dishes to our guests through small, intimate pop up experiences."

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