UK failing to meet wildlife protection obligations

New figures suggest the UK is failing to meet its obligation to protect wildlife.

The European Environment Agency released the numbers online on the protections of wildlife and at risk species.

The draft figures for 2013-2018 show the U.K. is lagging behind the European Union as a whole.

Kierra Box, a Friends of the Earth campaigner, said:

“It turns out that systematically under-funding agencies that protect and restore nature in the UK was a mistake.
“If we cannot trust our government to abide by shared laws that protect biodiversity as a member of the EU, how can we trust them to make good on promises of ambitious environmental laws after Brexit?
“Knowing all this, how can a government committed to global biodiversity and the climate emergency leave the EU without a dramatic increase in the funding of environmental monitoring and restoration, and the establishment of a strong, independent environmental watchdog?
“The UK government should be ashamed of these figures and rapidly commit to adopt EU environmental standards with a view to making them stronger.”

The data shows 82% of the UK’s designated habitats are in “bad” or “poor” condition.

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