Ulster Farmers’ Union says British supermarket is “undermining livestock industry”

The backlash against British supermarket Tesco following an advert promoting plant-based sausages has continued with another farming union releasing a statement condemning the chain.

The Ulster Farmers’ Union say they have been contacted by a number of members expressing concern about the advert.

During the ad, a young girl tells her father she “doesn’t want to eat animals anymore” leading to him substituting meat sausages for meatless alternatives.

UFU president Ivor Ferguson said:

“I am disappointed that Tesco has used their commercial power to spread a negative message around meat consumption, ultimately influencing their consumers to reconsider or stop eating meat altogether.
“Tesco is one of the largest retailers in the UK and stockists of Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured (NIFQA) red meat, and yet this advert has potentially undermined the UK’s livestock industry.
“There is scientific evidence that proves the consumption of meat is vital to ensure a healthy balanced diet as it contains numerous minerals and protein that our bodies need.
“It appears that Tesco has not considered these facts but unfortunately are helping to perpetuate a negative narrative about eating meat.”

The advert saw backlash from the National Farmers’ Union, with President Minette Batters writing to Tesco to complain about the advert.

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